Pebble wants to orient its watches to fitness

Pebble launched an update of its application and its Pebble Pebble and Pebble watches Time Round. The program includes interactions “fitness” further.

Have a Pebble, it’s a little hipster Grail. The watch does nothing inherently better than the competition, but it has an undeniable aura. And this will be able to justify a little better since the firm is deploying an update of its mobile application, Health, but also an update of the system directly on the watch.

The update brings the application include the detection of the activity (walking or running) and a renewed presentation of the data collected on your wrist. It will now be easier for the user to track their physical activity, especially since the app is intended as coach by sending messages of encouragement or reminders if it’s been awhile since you have not served you. The update also enables better monitor sleep cycles and now offers a smart alarm clock, waking up in a light sleep phase.


Pebble Technology Corp.


As for the upgrade of the watch, it results particularly in improved messaging on iOS, now allowing you to start a conversation from the watch, something already possible with Android.

If the update does not happen automatically, go to the Pebble app and go to Menu> Support> Update your Pebble.