Pebble Watch, test and review

Connected watches we have tested so far were quite disappointing for use. sometimes limited to the day autonomy, pairing or sharing the chaotic connection to the smartphone, navigation or use of inappropriate touch … were all disappointed patterns.


Pebble Watch intends to correct these deficiencies based on a simple concept: offering few features, but do it well! Thus, instead of an LCD, there is a slab E-Paper (1.26 inch 144 x 168 pixels) little greedy and sunlight readable and 4 navigation buttons to replace the touch screen.

Result, the Pebble takes seven days away from a power outlet and the menu navigation as access to the features are simple and quick.


This plays Pebble discretion wrist with a weight as a contained thickness. A sobriety that is found on the plastic housing available in 5 colors.

With horns between 22 mm, customization can also be worn on the wrist. The original silicone is correct invoice.

The finish is not great, but ultimately related to his position tariff, $ 150. No surprises

Pairing step by step

No bad surprise either side pairing. Like its counterparts, the Pebble communicates via Bluetooth from an Android and iOS device and getting started as the use is fast and very easy.

A guide step by step connects the watch, download the app Pebble on Google Play or the App Store and found compatible app recommendations, FreeCaddie for Golfers or RunKeeper for running.

A wrist notification center

The Pebble is not a watch phone, it will not respond to messages, check the stock market or posting on Facebook.

Instead, she walks very useful to alert a notification. Each mail, SMS, alert Facebook, Twitter or incoming call, the watch vibrates and the screen displays the content. For voice calls, useless to talk to the watch, there is no microphone, we can only reject or stall.

Another limitation, emails as SMS or iMessages are not shown in full, no images or attachment either. Similarly, you can not respond to these messages, it remains here for the consultation.

More anecdotally, the Pebble can also be a remote control to control the music player. Again, this is very limited, previous or next, pause or play, the Pebble does not take hold of the volume and do not offer preview of the library.

An ecosystem to expand

The ecosystem is growing and there are only little content. Mypebblefaces The site offers some skins for the clock, thirty apps or games like Snake or Invader. Old school atmosphere a participant charm of this product.

There is also a mini store accessible from the smartphone and a QR code system allows to expand its library by retrieving content from Mypebblefaces. Simple and efficient

The Pebble watch advances come mainly a way to quickly check your notifications. In practice, she can make herself useful and 150 dollars, the investment is not too heavy.