Philips presents its new television series 6400, 7100 and 7600 Android TV

Philips invited us this morning with a presentation of its new line of high-end TV. The series 6400, 7100 and 7600 are the first television manufacturer to run on Android TV. We could see them and ask a few questions to representatives of the brand.

High-end TVs but not trendy

It’s been a few years that Philips no longer itself produce its televisions. In fact, behind Philips TV hides the Taiwanese brand, TP Vision, which operates the only brand in Europe. Philips, as it is good for branded products, do not hide, its televisions are primarily designed for the general public. No way for the brand to sell its new series of high-end televisions more than 2000 euros. This is why these 4K TVs are neither curved and do not offer (yet) OLED panels that Philips considers too expensive for now. The three models presented, series 6400, 7100 and 7600 are all 4K TVs (3840 × 2160) on LCD panels with LED backlight (assume it is the Edge LED) whose diagonal from 40 to 55 inches depending on the model, who board an Ambilight device (except the 6400 series, which is free) and Marvell processors to two (6400 series) or four cores (7100 and 7600). Above all, and this is what interests us, these three new televisions incorporate all Android TV natively.

The arrival of Android within Philips TVs is not a real novelty. The manufacturer had already installed some of its older devices on Google TV, based on Jelly Bean. On these three new series is Android TV based on Android Lollipop, which is installed. These TVs are certified by Google. This means that the interface comprises substantially no overlayer. We thus find the traditional menus of Android TV, separated into categories of different applications: content recommended by Google, applications installed on television, video games from Play Store and clean application headband to Philips. Navigation will be performed with the remote control. Is Android TV interface or demonstration of television? Anyway, I had the impression that the navigation was not always very fluid when navigating through menus.

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Test Player of the Nexus and Android TV

Android TV to make really smart TV

Google’s certification is the assurance of having a TV regularly updated. One of Philips representatives explained that because of this certification, it is certain that these new TVs are updated to Android TV Android million as soon as possible. It is also this certification which allows the TV to pick a Chromecast, which avoids investing in a little extra key. Last, Philips has integrated voice recognition on its Series remote 7600. It will be possible to talk to his remote to control his station ( “launch the Netflix app”), or search via Google Now ( “clip Alizée “).

We now know for many months, all manufacturers of TVs that integrate their devices to Android TV can not touch the interface. Google simply allows them to add a category of applications that they can customize and in which they can provide all the content they want, be it the television settings, Android apps of their own or options . Philips has also assured us that when you unpack the TV, the latter depending on the user’s IP will automatically install of catch-up TV applications (type Pluzz, MyTF1) French. The series 6400, 7100 and 7600 were also certified by Netflix. Which effectively means that the application is preinstalled on the TV and the remote control includes a Netflix button that directly launches the application when pressed.

Unlike older TV Philips 7100 and 7600 series will have side legs and not central.

The new TVs also support Bluetooth. We can therefore connect a wireless speaker or a universal remote for the TV but it will mostly be possible to pair of joysticks on television. A mandatory functionality to enjoy the Play Store games on Android TV. It will not however expect great performance in 3D games from these televisions. Marvell processor requires more specialized in the treatment of the video computing power and 3D demanding games run with a very limited framerate. More contemplative games and calmer of the Unknown Soldier type, more easily play the game on this kind of displays. In fact, Android TV is primarily done to install applications related to television or video, video games are mostly found in the Android console housings such as the Shield Android TV.

Philips also believes Android TV integration as additional functionality and convenient to its devices more than a sales pitch. At the start of the TV, the display will show the last channel used and not the Android launcher TV. Televisions are primarily designed to meet the expectations of the public, which is not necessarily fond of an interface designed primarily for people rather abreast of the latest technologies.

Screen edges of the 7600 series.

Scheduled for release later this month

The Philips 6400 Series, 7100 and 7600 will be available before the end of the month in different stores and online shops. For the 6400 Series, available in 40, 50 and 55 inches with a dual core processor without Ambilight, with a refresh rate of 50Hz natively be reckoned respectively 799, 999 and 1299 euros. For the 7100 series, available in 43, 49 and 55 inches, with a Marvell quad core processor, Ambilight both sides and a refresh rate of 50Hz natively be reckoned respectively 999, 1299 and 1599 euros. Finally, the 7600 series, only available in 49 and 55 inches but with a three-sided Ambilight and a refresh rate of 100 Hz it will take 1599 or 1999 euros.