Pokemon Go: how to find Pokémon using Google Maps?

If you are the type to leave no room for chance, know that a collaborative map is available on your Google Maps app for Android to find your desired Pokemon Pokemon Go on.

Hunting for Pokemon is open, and collaborative maps are created everywhere around the world to help pinpoint the positions of some rare Pokémon than others. particularly useful cards to those who have the misfortune to live in a place where one does not cross that Ratata, Pidgey and other Weedle.

The first is clearly not the most sexy, but at least you can open it directly on Google Maps. To do this, simply add it to your favorites (with the star next to the name). Once done syncing, you can access the card from your Maps app (link against) for Android, and then select from the burger menu (left) to display your position and that of Pokémon informed.

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Internet obviously provides other resources to find that you are missing Pokémon. You can for example ask about Pokéwebgo, which is simply a improved version (graphically) of the card mentioned above. And frankly it seems relevant. Indeed, the square Emile Chautemps, opposite the Gaite Lyrique in Paris, is indicated as a reference to Caninos, and this is actually where the editorial staff will capture them for lunch …

It’s the same for Pokecrew, which offers a collaborative map identifying Pokémon and places where they can be found. Again, the map indicates the presence of Caninos the square, which gives us an indication of its reliability.

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