Pokemon Go is now available in France, the hunt is on!

Nearly a week after the rest of Europe, Pokémon Go has finally arrived on the French Play Store. All users (almost) with a Android smartphone can now enjoy.

“This application is not compatible with any of your devices.” So there are still a few hours, this is what it said on the French Play Store on the Go Pokémon card. It is now over, the French can now freely install the famous augmented reality game Niantic Labs on their smartphone. Until now, the only way to play was to go through a fichier.apk, inconvenient to install. Remember also that if France is the last served in France, it is because of the bombing in Nice, “a sign of respect for the French people during this period of national mourning.”

Pokémon GO

Niantic, Inc.


The application weighs 58 MB and requires having installed a smartphone Android 4.4 or newer. smartphone owners boarding an Intel processor as the Asus Zenfone 2, for example, can also install it. It will be recalled in passing that if the application is free, it will soon be home advertising (although in-game, no question banner) and includes many in-app purchases. It is possible to enjoy Pokémon Go without having recourse, at least during the first 20 levels.

Note finally that the arrival of Pokémon Go Play Store will not change anything for those who have already started hunting Pokémon, with the application installed from an APK. The player’s information is actually stored on Google or Pokémon accounts and are not connected to the phone.

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And as the application does absolutely nothing explains, we wrote a little beginner’s guide below. He explains how his catch Pokémon, how to separate promising champions of the bad seed and how the eggs. It is even possible to find the rarest Pokémon through a collaborative map designed on Google Maps. Finally, if you think Pokemon Go is not a phenomenon, these few stories should convince you of the problem.

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Good hunt !

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