Preiskracher in review: The best tablet under 250 Euro

For less than 250 euros, you get a tablet that is sufficient completely to surf for mails and to play videos.

Our comparative test clears, which is the best of the cheap tablets for whom be worth the bargain tablets and who should invest more money on a tablet. In this price range, the top tablet vendors are traveling: see, for example, cheap deals from Amazon, Lenovo and Samsung. Even with the equipment must have been whittled away to make compromises such as the; Trekstor Surftab Breeze 9.6; shows: For just over 100 euros, you get an Android tablet with 9.6-inch display and even with 3G.

At these very low offers but you have to be careful: Because somewhere the manufacturer must save to achieve this award. When Trekstor tablet interfere as the little liquid handling and the short battery life. If you can live with these limitations, you get but with this equipment at an unbeatable discount Tablet.

Seat 9: Trekstor Surftab Breeze Quad 9.6 3G

The small Lenovo tablet with Windows 8.1 and 8-inch display wins because it brings much that cheap tablets often lacks: It has a high resolution screen with 1920 x 1200 pixels, the display is not only sharp, but also bright and high contrast , It has a good battery life of about eight hours. And has a little extra even the AnyPen mode: You can use any pen or pointed object to operate the tablet and then hold handwritten notes.

Large tablets under 250 Euro

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 8: The detailed test

the Amazon Fire HD 10

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 8: The best price

The entry-level tablet from Samsung makes design affordable from the premium class. This does not apply to the case Material: The Galaxy Tab A’s in a plastic, no metal casing. But it is with 454 grams and 7.5 millimeters barely heavier or thicker than the iPad Air, with which it shares the screen size of 9.7 inches. The battery life is alright, and Android 5 is also on board. The LTE variant is just under 250 Euro. Who does not need 4G, picks up the wireless model, that there is for under 200 euros.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A LTE: The detailed test

The best Windows tablet under 250 Euro

Samsung Galaxy Tab A LTE: The best price

Large tablets under 250 euros; Despite the low price of 199 euros required of you; the Amazon Fire HD 10; hardly compromises from. It is very easy and provides a picture quality that can compete with more expensive tablets. However, it runs with the in-house OS Fire OS – Android Apps You get only indirectly on Amazon Tablet.

Amazon Fire HD 10: The detailed test

Amazon Fire HD 10: The best price

The best Windows tablet under 250 euros; Even as a Tablet convinces Trekstor Surftab Duo W1 with decent facilities – as with Full HD display and 3G. Included in the price is also a keyboard, so that you can transform the Windows tablet into a mini-notebook. The wireless version has been around for around 200 euros.

Trekstor Surftab Duo W1: The detailed test

Trekstor Surftab Duo W1: The best price

surf online or go shopping with the Tablet mainly want – and it will need a larger display than on the smartphone. Because for Surfing the web or working with standard applications, even the cheap tablets are fast enough and can be operated via the touch screen liquid. Especially the Windows Tablets react very fast – unless you stay in touch-optimized tile-surface and keep away from desktop apps.

want to view photos and movies on the tablet, but do not have very high demands on image quality. Because now even cheap tablets have hardly problems with the viewing angle dependence and show even when not directly plan view good colors and strong contrasts.

use the tablet only occasionally and especially at home. Because then deficits in processing and a low battery life do not bother so much.

many apps to save movies and photos directly on the tablet. Because most favorable Tablets bring only 16 or 32 GB internal (in Windows Tablets) memory. However, almost all tablets can be upgraded by micro SD card.

want to enjoy photos and movies on the tablet in high quality. The best image quality and very high resolution you get only on more expensive tablets. A high resolution and thus higher dot density also provides a sharper picture and makes reading on the tablet much more pleasant. A tablet with a very bright display can be used anywhere, even in the open air, because then interfere with the reflections of the ambient light less and the eye does not have to so much effort to read.

stand on graphically rich games. Because only in the expensive tablets stuck the latest processors, their calculation and 3D performance for most games is sufficient.

want to stream over the tablet in high quality video. How fast a tablet in the WLAN transmits data, also depends on the quality of the radio network. However, you have an expensive tablet better chances of high wireless speed when it supports the current WLAN standard AC or the 5 GHz frequency. however, most cheap tablets only work with N-Fi and almost all just about the most crowded 2.4GHz frequency.

Incidentally, you must not spend more than 250 euros for your smartphone