Preview Android Studio 2.0 now run to accelerate development

Google has put online the Preview 2.0 for Android Studio, the development environment for developers of Android applications. The big news is the appearance of Instant Run, a feature to quickly test the application code.

In terms of development, test new features or just a line of code is extremely important. But this step can take time, especially because of the compilation. Instant Run Google is the answer to this problem. This feature, introduced with version 2.0 of Android Preview Studio – based on IntelliJ 15 – promises to make it easier for developers and speed up development time.

An emulator to quickly test the code

For this Instant Run provides an overview of its development application in an Android emulator. This reflected the changes in the code in seconds and a click, as seen in the video below. Developers will appreciate this time saving.

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A new OpenGL debugger

The other new Android Studio 2.0 preview version is a new GPU OpenGL debugger called Profiler. This promises to simplify the development of applications using the OpenGL ES API (such as games). The debugger allows developers to understand the cause graphic bugs and optimize code.

Android Studio 1.5 final release

Google should incorporate other innovations in Android Studio 2.0 in the coming weeks. The features of the final version will be revealed in more detail in the Android Developer Summit which ends today. Developers interested in this new version of Android Studio can recover it directly from the Google site. Remember also that Android Studio 1.5 is available in the final version from November 17, again from the Google site.