Prices for Gear Fit and Gear 2 … Taiwan: count 200 and $ 300

Nearly a month after the closing of the doors of the MWC 2014, Samsung continues to distill the information in dribs and drabs about his new bracelets connected. While his German road show enabled her curious about Activity Tracker, a Taiwanese presentation left up the price of its Gear 2 and Gear Fit.

Samsung Gear Fit bracelet.

Given their characteristics, difficult to imagine prices low to the ground. The bracelet and watch connected Samsung’s Gear Fit (for tracking the activity of matching functions closer to those of a smart watch) and Gear 2 classic side shows, were announced at the last Mobile World Congress. Korean has presented a bracelet with a curved AMOLED screen, the format follows the curve of the wrist and that the screen is able to display many information transmitted by a Bluetooth 4.0 Galaxy smartphone. In addition to Gear Fit, the Gear 2 (and its Lite / Neo version without the camera sensor), the Gear 2 fixes some flaws in the Galaxy Gear first name. In fact, this watch Tizen has an integrated photo sensor to the periphery of the screen and not in her bracelet, and announces an autonomy (about five days). The question of price, after the Catalan area, however, remained intact.

The Gear 2.

On the occasion of a Taiwanese presentation, Samsung blew the price of its aircraft. If one converts the advertised rates, about $ 200 is obtained (with tax, probably 200 euros) for the Gear Fit, and $ 300 for the Gear 2. Consistent rates, since the first Galaxy Gear showed a similar price. The Gear Fit, meanwhile, has a full color screen, unlike the standard activity trackers, usually marketed around the hundred euros, it was expected that its additional features make swell in the price .

Android Wear a competition approach

Prices of latest Samsung bracelets are certainly no surprises, but are applied to only terminals compatible with smartphones or tablets of the brand, in the Galaxy range. While the devices should be out in the second quarter, they will face competition from Motorola and LG signed terminals, the first to have announced their watches on Android Wear. Google has announced earlier this week the launch of a version of Android designed specifically for connected objects, specifically to watches, the 360 ​​and LG G Watch Moto will be the first installment before the summer. However, Mountain View has listed among its hardware partners Samsung: no doubt that the Korean already preparing its response, even to risk cannibalizing sales of its latest Gear in Tizen.