Razer Serval, the controller for Android entered the Play Store

Razer has become a staple in the Android universe. The brand behind the Forge TV, also available on the portal of Google, now offers its Serval lever on the Play Store. And it is not restricted to use with the Android TV box.

More than charge her last days, news Razer is intrinsically linked to the world of Android. The American brand, especially as we know Forge for his TV, his box running Android TV we discovered earlier this year, recently formalized a new one that was already rumored a few weeks ago: his redemption of Ouya. The startup behind the eponymous console Android, and the low price of which was not enough to ensure success, as happens in the lap of a lot bigger than she, and a now well surrounded firm.

For if Razer sells its products to gamers among traditional retailers, it is now entering the Play Store (at this address for users in the USA), at least in its American version. It now not only is her Forge TV in parallel Nexus Player, but now an extra controller. The accessory was indeed already supplied with the box but, if need an extra controller, you had to turn to third party vendors. So now, just shell out the tidy sum of 80 dollars to acquire this Serval controller whose quality is already recognized, and has the good taste to work with the vast majority of Android devices that have Bluetooth, at least if they run on Android 4.2. Good news also for US users, this Serval is also provided with support for smartphones, which turns a phone into portable game console. In short, despite a relatively high rate, we feel the desire to Razer to register as a staple in the world of Android, and one begins to look forward to see what the company will make in Ouya coming months.