Refurbishment of the Google+ app: the first images on the run

Towards a new update of the Android application Google +? The track opened with images posted on the social network by Yoel Kaseb, an employee of Samsung Argentina.

Be told immediately, these images are not authentic. They were posted on the Google+ account of Yoel Kaseb, the main page mentions his job at Samsung Argentina. The character had access to the API of the application on its Nexus tablet. But these illustrations, 4 in number, give some interesting ideas on how Google sees the future of its social networking application. We can say that we are moving more and more towards the flat. The fashion of the moment is also the small floating objects such as geolocation witness or the little paper airplane, overlooking sending a comment. Also note the presence of an imposing colored bar, presumably customizable. The plus of course will be that of geolocation where you can find out where your friends are located (s) in due time.

According to Yoel Kaseb that, since the publication of these screenshots, was removed from the project, the new Google + is unstable and is not at all ready for publication. If these images are not official, we still note that Google seems to embark on a spring cleaning at its flagship applications. We think of Google Calendar which is also referred by a small facelift.