RideOn: a ski mask connected to augmented reality on the slopes

RideOn a ski mask is capable of displaying information, send messages to other users or to display doors actually increased over the ski slopes. The project is being funded on Indiegogo and is much less fancy than its description would suggest.

The company behind RideOn advantage of the high ski season to unveil his ski mask connected. On the form, nothing really different from other masks except for the less imposing size. Its uniqueness is that it connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth to enjoy its connection to the telephone network and the Internet, and especially that it loads a reality bezel increased over the right eye. This telescope will then allow to display various information directly on the helmet. The video below can already see what he can do: run games in augmented reality (to get through comic doors on the slopes), ability to send messages to contacts, and view information on borrowed tracks.

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eLaptopComputer.com Youtube Channel

To view augmented reality, RideOn uses the process OPTIVENT, a French startup specializing in the field who developed a telescope three times greater than that qu’embarquent Google Glass. The founders of RideOn is also quite reassuring want the software point of view since one of its members is an engineer specializing in the information display helmets for fighter pilots. They also ensure that their first prototype is already functional.

The founders of the mask also ensure that it is not mandatory to have a connection to a smartphone to use their device. It embeds within it a battery of sensors and a camera. If one believes the data sheet, it will also have a dual core CPU clocked at 1.2 GHz based on ARM Cortex architecture, 1GB of RAM and a 2200 mAh battery. It weighs just 240 grams and will be installed on Android 4.4.1 (?). The smartphone with which it will communicate via an application (Android and iOS) will be present primarily to make updates and to communicate with his contacts.

RideOn now seeking funding and opened a page on Indiegogo. The Israeli company is currently asking $ 75 000. After a little more than 10 days, it has collected more than 50,000, so it is very likely that it reaches its goal. It is possible to participate in project financing in pre-ordering a helmet. It is expected that once the development is completed, it is sold 899 dollars. As part of the Indiegogo campaign, it is possible to pre-order for 499 or 599 dollars without postage. The output of RideOn is scheduled for September, 2015.

RideOn on Indigogo