Test: Canon PowerShot G5X, the true successor of the prestigious series G!

Canon it would last in the race for compact experts? After years of bewilderment, Canon released a kind of quality model to boost the image of G Series range former mistress of the category. It took Sony phagocyte the experts compact market with its 1 inch sensor that Canon sort of lethargy. But the result is there: the G5X is a very good surprise.

The G5X is a reference model for quality manufacturing. Beside him, the RX100 Sony technologically more complete and somewhat more efficient appear (and actually are) much more fragile and less ergonomic;. Breathable solidity, G5X offers a double grip, one on the handle front and the other as a thumb rest on the back rubber. The body of the all-metal casing not only offers a reassuring touch, but it has been able to cash in after a few short strokes and after repeatedly thrown carelessly in our backpack, the camera never moved or flinched.

The opinion of eLaptopComputer.com; Canon PowerShot G5X

At that strength, rare in a compact, adds ergonomics, actually turned to the picture: the wheel of exposure above that front through the viewfinder and rotating screen, everything from the shape controls, is optimized to provide a good grip adapted to the picture;. the downside? Congestion logically superior to slim compact versions of the experts, as its little brother the PowerShot G7X. In our view, only a mechanical zoom is lacking, which, like a reflex or Fujifilm X30 offers a zoom speed and superior strength to that of an electrically powered zoom.

Wide angle (24mm) optics offers a premium level of sharpness in the center of the image, with very controlled deformations on the edges of the image.

Bottom zoom, deformations, if any, are imperceptible to the naked eye in Jpeg. In all optical ranges, the level of detail produced by this small optical block is widely shown above that produces entry-level SLR with basic optics.

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In addition to its manufacturing quality and ergonomics, this is the flagship of the argument G5X: a great viewfinder. Rather than playing the compactness at any price as Sony with its RX100 Mark III and Mark IV, Canon has played the card of comfort and that of legitimacy in the SLR style.

Canon PowerShot G5X: The Promise

Canon PowerShot G5X: reality

Ergonomics close to that of an SLR

Very good optics

In the manner of an EOS, the PowerShot G5X Thus wearing a protuberance of the cage look SLR pentaprism, which integrates a wide EVF and comfortable, one of the best in the world as regards compact .

To viewfinder adds a nice swivel and touchscreen. A screen that reminds again the flagship models of the G series, Canon will make before (stupidly) a cross on it. Robust with a strong and well-off hinge, this rotating screen makes framing at ground level or at arm and turns a real plus to stabilize the camera video.

The G5X addresses priori a photographer public for whom the video is probably not a key factor. But in the year 2016, the absence of such a method is beginning to seriously annoy us and the type argument “people are not yet equipped with 4K TVs” now holds more as sales increased. And requires that products purchased today are compatible with the technology and equipment of tomorrow, simply.

Faced with Panasonic LX100 and RX100 Mark III or Mark IV Sony heavyweights category, G5X was down on E plan. In practice this translates into an autofocus a bit less slick – but this can equal the DFD autofocus Panasonic – a treatment for longer images, no video 4K and management of low lights (very prone to quality algorithms and control processor) not quite as good as that of the competition.

Does that mean the G5X is to pick? Nay, it is just a small notch below. However, in a camera, more than pure technique, that is all that matters – ergonomics, finish, viewfinder, etc. But maniacs technical superiority are warned.

We have emphasized throughout this test the G5X is a great camera and Canon did a good job. But as sure as Rome was not built in a day, the Japanese giant picture has not corrected all his errors in one device.

Among the grievances there is a lack of 4K video, subject already discussed, but also the weakness of the battery that requires the serious photographer to be equipped with at least one battery – or even two – spare for long days photographic tour. Canon has worked well, but there is still work!

Worthy successor of the best models of the prestigious G series, the PowerShot G5X can claim the title for the first time in years, contestant of choice in the compact experts. Photographers will appreciate the ergonomics, durability, its excellent optical viewfinder and excellent. A list of qualities that could open the way to 5 stars. Some electronic errors – no 4K, inter-picture time a little long, mediocre autonomy – however deprive (slightly) this sesame. An excellent year anyway!

EVF and good screen

Still no 4K

Small electronic inferiority

Canon, this Conservative

Technical card Canon PowerShot G5X

The test verdict